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Natural Linen Friction Towels 650 gsm weight. The Towels and Wash Mitts are woven using 100% Linen for the pile (loops) and 100% Cotton for the backing. These Natural Linen Friction Towels are the ultimate in bathroom luxury. Woven on traditional shuttle looms to the highest standards, these heavyweight natural linen pile towels are a must for any discerning bathroom. A high quality towel that is guaranteed to please, giving a fabulously invigorating rub down after your bath or shower. The Towels and Mitts have a convenient hanging loop attached.

This is how towels were made before the advent of soft cottons. Linen is the strongest, and one of the most absorbent and durable material for towels. Linen Towels promote good blood circulation and exfoliation of the skin with its unique invigorating rub. Initially abrasive to the touch these towels will soften after washing. The Linen towels are anti-static, antiseptic and hypoallergenic, creating the best micro-climate for your skin. They are ecologic & eco-friendly.

The Linen yarn used in these towels is completely natural, consequently there may be some slight shade variation in the colour, which is unavoidable and should not be considered a fault. Careful handling needs to be taken with your new Linen towel to prevent snagging of the loops (broken finger nails, rings, zips etc.) prior to its first domestic laundering. Before use we recommend these towels are soaked overnight in cold water, and then laundered individually and separately from other items at 40 degrees centigrade, using a small amount of biological powder. Fabric softeners should not be used. The towels can then be tumble dried at a low to medium heat setting. During first laundering you will notice a slight loss of fibre from the linen pile which is quite normal.

As these towels are sold straight from the loom, a shrinkage of 8 to 10% can be expected during this process.

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Natural Bath Sheet 100cm x 150cm, Natural Bath Towel 75cm x 150cm, Natural Hand Towel 50cm x 100cm, Natural Wash Mitt 14cm x 25cm, Striped Bath Towel 70cm x 140cm, Striped Hand Towel 50cm x 100cm, Striped Wash Mitt 14cm x 25cm


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